Are you a web content writer who works for hire? If so, have you taken the time to examine ebooks? If not, do. 

Thanks to the popularity of the internet and ebook readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, writing ebooks is becoming a good moneymaking opportunity. 

You may be nervous about the process if this is your first time writing an ebook. As a web content writer, you specialize in writing articles about one page in length. 

On the other hand, an ebook can have 200 pages or more. Yes, from that point, writing an ebook is an overwhelming task. Instead, look at it as writing a series of articles. These articles will later be arranged in order and compiled into one ebook. Using AI to help you write the articles will remove the stress of starting from scratch and open a new world of possibilities. 

So, how can you write an ebook? 

Choose a Category 

You specialize in writing helpful and informative articles as a web content writer. This is your expertise, so you should stick with it. If you later want to expand to creative writing, do so. But first, stick with what you know best. This will make writing an ebook easier. 

As for the category, choose a topic that interests you, such as working from home, parenting, or saving money. Or choose an important issue for Americans, such as how to lessen the impact of global warming, how to make money from home, and so forth. Then, enter that idea into ChatGpt and ask for an article outline or for it to write an article for you.

Create a Title For Your Ebook 

If writing a how-to book, this will be very easy. What does your ebook show readers how to do? For example, if it is to save money, a good title would be “How to Keep Money in Your Wallet.” You can use Nichesss to help create book titles by entering your idea, and it will give you a list of book title suggestions. Create a simple book cover using MidJourney or another AI tool, or hire an illustrator.

Write Your Introduction 

An introduction for an ebook is just like an article introduction. The only difference is the length. First, summarize your ebook’s purpose and reasons for writing it. Then, instead of squeezing your introduction into one paragraph, use the entire page. 

Write Your Ebook 

This will be the hard part for most. As previously stated, think of it as a collection of articles. Create an outline first. If you want to show people how to save money, start by outlining how. There is saving money on groceries, eating out, clothes, travel, utilities, etc. Each of these can be a section or chapter. If you want to learn more about ChatGPT or other AI tools, check out Women of AI on Facebook. They have guides to help you master the AI world. 

Inside each chapter, break it down into articles. For example, saving money at the grocery store can have one article highlighting why you should, how it can increase your savings, how you can use coupons, tips for finding coupons, and tips for getting full use. Within minutes, you may have a collection of articles that can be transformed into a 10-page section or chapter. By entering each of these topics into ChatGPT, you can have ten articles completed within minutes.

Write Your Conclusion 

Your conclusion should summarize your ebook and what readers just learned. Finally, restate some of your most helpful and money-saving tips.  

Edit Your Ebook 

If you use Microsoft Word, the program will help you capture many grammar and spelling errors. It, however, isn’t 100% foolproof. So, proofread and edit your book. I highly recommend Grammarly; it’s free and has saved me more than once! 

Now that you know how to compose an ebook, you may wonder how to profit from it. The good news is that you have many options. For example, you can create a website and sell your ebook from there, convert it to digital text, sell it as an Amazon Kindle book, or use a third-party marketplace like

To increase your earnings, do all three! 

A website is easy and affordable to create. and other third-party marketplaces are easy to use. As for the Amazon Kindle, you need a free account, and it’s free to publish!

When using Amazon Kindle, upload your document to the digital text platform, and it will automatically convert the file into digital text. This makes it readable for Amazon Kindle users. Your book is then listed for sale at the Amazon Kindle Store.

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